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At the forefront of current safety guidelines

At KITE we work closely with a wide range of companies in construction, engineering and facilities management to provide a comprehensive range of edge protection, vertical access and handrailing solutions at the forefront of current safety guidelines.

All of our clients, nationwide, can access components quickly and easily from our warehouse in a range of finishes, available for immediate dispatch.

In addition to our products, what makes clients return to KITE time and time again is our ability to provide expert advice to ensure you implement the right systems and components to deliver the best value and functionality. It is the relationship we have with our clients that sets KITE apart.

We can assist you in evaluating our products and we can help you to implement them to ensure they work the way you want them to.

& Removal

KITERAMP Modules take less time to install than traditional concrete ramps and are instantly usable. This reduces the 'inconvenience time' for your client. When the ramp is no longer required it can be simply removed by reversing the installation process, immediately freeing the property for new requirements.

KITERAMP Modules can then be reused or stored for another requirement; or the raw materials recycled.

KITE Ramps only take 4 hours to install and are instantly useable!
Concrete ramps cost as much to remove as they do to install!