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At the forefront of current safety guidelines

At KITE we work closely with a wide range of companies in construction, engineering and facilities management to provide a comprehensive range of edge protection, vertical access and handrailing solutions at the forefront of current safety guidelines.

All of our clients, nationwide, can access components quickly and easily from our warehouse in a range of finishes, available for immediate dispatch.

In addition to our products, what makes clients return to KITE time and time again is our ability to provide expert advice to ensure you implement the right systems and components to deliver the best value and functionality. It is the relationship we have with our clients that sets KITE apart.

We can assist you in evaluating our products and we can help you to implement them to ensure they work the way you want them to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is installing a KITERAMP expensive?

A. We have designed KITERAMP specifically to offer an economical solution to access. It’s quick to install, a couple days instead of the weeks taken to build a concrete ramp, so it’s more affordable.

Q. Will KITRAMP fit my property?

A. Almost certainly yes. Our design is highly adaptable and we have never found a property yet that we could not fit perfectly.

Q. How long wil it last? Is it durable?

A. We guarantee a minimum lifetime of 5 years, but in reality, our KITERAMPS last far longer than this as they are made of strong, corrosion free aluminium. Light, hardwearing quality material, it’s built to last.

Q. In the long term, is it recyclable? We don’t want to damage the environment.

A. Firstly, yes, it’s 100% recyclable. It can be dismantled down to the last component and recycled. Secondly, because  KITERAMP is recyclable it’s a lot better for the environment than concrete (cement), production of which is one of the  worlds biggest contributors to CO², the greenhouse gas.

Q. Will the installation impact negatively on the value of the property?

A. No. When no longer required, it can be removed completely with no impact on usability or value. It’s strong, durable but ultimately semi-permanent.

Q. Are all KITERAMPS the same dimensions? We need a particular handrail height.

A. Our handrails are height adjustable. We always make sure the ramp is made with your needs in mind.

Q. Our users are partially sighted or blind. What benefits do your ramps offer these people over concrete ones?

A. KITERAMP is designed with a tapping board to assist partially sighted or blind people.

Q. Is the surface anti-slip, for example in wet or icy conditions?

A. KITERAMP has an integral anti-slip surface (it’s permanent and does not wear away). In normal wet conditions it’s not slippery. In the case of ice, any ramp, including ours, should be de-iced before use.

Q. In the cold weather, won’t the handrails be freezing to the touch?

A. All outside surfaces will be cold at low temperatures but we offer an option to powder coat the handrails. This is a permanent finish that just makes them that bit more comfortable to hold when it gets really cold.

Q. Do we need to use a specialist installer?

A. We can arrange installation for you, but the beauty of KITERAMP is any competent builder or maintenance person can install it, which gives you the choice. It’s much simpler to install than building a concrete ramp.